Flying campaign to improve climate modelling begins

This story was originally published on the British Antarctic Survey website on 03/02/2023 A team of scientists are currently conducting a major experiment over the Southern Ocean that will help to improve climate modelling. The Southern Ocean Clouds project team are performing several flights from British Antarctic Survey’s (BAS) Rothera Research Station over the SouthernContinue reading “Flying campaign to improve climate modelling begins”

DCMEX campaign success: Extensive new in-situ observations of deep convective clouds

Big plans were laid for the DCMEX team as they headed to New Mexico, USA in July. The aim, to collect observational evidence of the role of aerosol and cloud ice formation in deep convective cloud development. There for a month, the team would bring together measurements from aircraft, radar, cameras and ground stations. TheContinue reading “DCMEX campaign success: Extensive new in-situ observations of deep convective clouds”

Programme Launch

The Uncertainty in Climate Sensitivity due to Clouds (CloudSense) is a five-year research programme, which aims to utilise the combined expertise of climate modellers, cloud physicists, and remote sensing experts to stimulate the scientific advances needed for a reduction in uncertainty in climate sensitivity due to clouds. The Programme consists of four projects: CIRCULATES, DCMEX,Continue reading “Programme Launch”